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it’s spring now
(have you checked out my kickstarter?)


it’s spring now

(have you checked out my kickstarter?)

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armstreet coats are gonna be the death of me!

you can see and cry buy it here

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Cheers and admiration for Kate, Rian, our pals at BOOM! Studios, and the little girl who we hope will grow up to be the World’s #1 Cartoonist.


Mar 5th
Today I witnessed something amazing. Almost in stark contrast to yesterday, today I saw tangible impact of lady-representation in comics.

At the bookstore I work at, we have a dedicated Adventure Time section. This family came in and those kids were SO EXCITED to see their favourite characters in comics. I talked them through each OGN and series compilation, explaining what they all were and in what order they should be read, and this little girl’s entire life was changed. You could see it on her face.

The moment I mentioned Kate Leth (and that, yes, she is a girl.) this little girl’s face lit up like Christmas morning. I don’t know if it just never occurred to her that girls can work in comics but the excitement and wonder that left the store in her was a privilege to see. I ended up selling them the Fionna & Cake’s, all the OGN’s, and an AT doodle book. She left begging her dad to help her learn how to draw Marceline comics. (And he was happy to comply!)

Kate Leth has left an everlasting impression on this little girl just by existing and working in the industry. I honestly hope to someday be able to see such an impact on someone from my own work. Ladies in comics is important. The representation on the page, and behind them, is important. Having a reflection of yourself in the content you enjoy is important. I hope that little girl grows up to be a famous comic author someday.

It was a very good day.

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Photographs by Kelly Hayes [website | flickr | facebook]

[h/t: hounddogsrunning]

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Holy balls, the JOJO. o___o

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this is that weird kind of bad artwork that is kind of beautiful

^^ ah this is that weird kind of backhanded compliment that I want to keep forever 

:) ♥
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im sorry but when people say all anime looks the same and or bad i want to  cry repressed weeaboo tears of anger

Take note, folks: “anime” is not a style or genre, it’s the Japanese term for animation. The same goes for “manga” - it just refers to comics made by Japanese creators.  There may be broad common elements within any country’s animation and comic industries, but to reduce them to a “style” or “genre” is ignorant to the point of xenophobia.

It’s a dumb as saying you animate/draw in an “American style.”

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this is pretty much how my gameplay looks like

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